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The purpose of the Orford Historical Society is to assist the residents of the Town of Orford in preserving their history and heritage for their appreciation and understanding, as well as for that of future generations.

Established in 1996, the OHS is a self-supporting, non-profit educational organization, with membership open to all who are interested in the history of Orford. We regularly present five programs each year, including walking tours and other home grown events drawing on the knowledge and experience of local residents. Working with students, we published an historical guide to the town, and more recently an illustrated collection of Orford-based poetry by Dot Pierson. Our growing collections include artifacts, photographs, letters, and documents.

"Photo of the Week" Series

Each week we will post on photo from our collections on our Facebook page - check our Photo of the Week page here for additional photos and content!

Christmas Photo Trivia!

Thank you to everyone who commented on our photos on our Facebook page - please find the answers to our trivia questions, below!

Where is the likely location of this Christmas tree?

This Christmas Tree was in the old brick schoolhouse in Orfordville, on the site of the present library.

This is Gale, Pete and Dave Thomson, taken in 1944 before they moved to Orford.

Who are these young folks a few years before they moved to Orford, and likely cut their tree on their own land?

This is Mel, Pete and Dave Thomson, taken in 1944 before they moved to Orford.

Who is that young man with his mouth tightly closed? Folks who know him will not be surprised!

That is Francis Pease, taken in 1951.

Anyone recognize that "little shaver" peeking out from beside his mother?

That is our very own Art Pease (who shared these photos, by the way!) taken in 1951.

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Orford Historical Society 

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Your contribution will help us to continue our legacy of bringing Orford history to the community!