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This week: "The Center of the 'Ville"

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Posted September 15, 2021

Looking west at the Orfordville Store, church with horse sheds and Beal house, likely c. 1910 , as the sign says Cheney & Andrews, who owned the store from 1906 to 1910.

The center of Orfordville looking east from Huckins Hill. Note the Grange Hall and store with the Clarence Blodgett house in the center background. This house burned in 1919 and the replacement is now owned by Richard Frey.

This view looks directly down Huckins Hill and up Dame Hill with Sunday Mountain on the left. Just to the right front of the Grange Hall is a set of scales for weighing wagons and their loads. Note that the bridge is partially covered as in the one near the Trussell house.

Looking west along Route 25-A from the foot of Dame Hill. Note the Town Hall and school and the wooden box in the foreground – one of several public water boxes maintained by the town at several locations. One can find in Town Reports the names of residents who were paid $2 or $3 a year for looking after these conveniences for the traveling public.

A familiar view east from the foot of Huckins Hill including the Town Hall, old brick school [replaced by present Orford Free Library after 1933 fire] and blacksmith shop.

This week: "Halltown & Indian Pond Schools"

All photos circa 1913-1923.

Learn more about Indian Pond School and Halltown School - also be sure to check-out this Orford Town Report dated February 14, 1914!

Posted September 7, 2021

One of the few photos we have of the Indian Pond School with seven students and the teacher standing outside the building. There was a school at Indian Pond from at least 1916 to 1923, as Harry Franklin went there until he was in 8th grade, with Verna Greenly and Hazel Manchester teaching. Given the date of most of these glass plate negatives, our bet is that the teacher in the photo is Verna Greenly, an Orfordville native and long-time teacher in the region. The students on the far left of the first row are Ruth Franklin Sanborn next to her brother, Harry Franklin. Helen Baker Sanborn attended there a bit later on.

Miss Wilson and her class in the door of the Halltown School in June 1914. This building has been turned, but still stands on the east side of Baker Road and has been converted into a dwelling house.

Class may have been held outdoors in the shade on hot days or maybe just there for the photo. Recognize any ancestors here? Would have been from the area just west of Mt. Cube to perhaps the eastern end of Dame Hill and even a ways down Indian Pond Road. Photo from June 1914.

Miss Rugg and likely her whole school in 1913 in Halltown – 8 students. Perhaps not all grades as youngest student seems to be 8 or 9.

This week: "School Days at the Ville School"

The Ville schoolhouse was built in 1898 and was the primary Orfordville elementary school until 1990 (read more about the closing here!). It now houses the current Town Office.

Want to learn more about the building of the Ville School? Check out this additional information and selection of news articles.

Posted August 30, 2021

Front view of the Ville schoolhouse built in 1898 (photo circa 1915). The building was built for $2000 after several failed attempts at previous School Meetings, finally passing when the same amount was appropriated to purchase and fix up the old Academy building at the Street for those pupils.

Primary classroom (grades 1-4) in the Ville schoolhouse, 22 students seated with teacher. It looks like the younger students are on the right side nearer the teacher. Prints of Washington and Teddy Roosevelt at the left but have not been able to make out the other framed print. Likely between 1910-1920.

Grammar classroom (grades 5-8) in the Ville schoolhouse, 21 students seated and perhaps the teaching front of the window in the middle rear. The boy in the foreground is almost certainly Sam Morrison, Jr., then living on the Marston Stock Farm (Schwarz 2021). Photo is circa 1908, and it looks like Cram’s Modern Atlas on the desk.

“School Team” – 7 students in a wagon (or the original “school bus”) in the driveway of the Marston Stock Farm (Schwartz 2021), driven by Moses Bean. The girl in the middle with the darkest hair is Gladys Huckins (Helen Huckins Marsh’s aunt).

Additional note – the barns and all the buildings on the north side of the road burned in 1937.

Christmas tree in the corner of the school room in the Ville schoolhouse. You will notice names on the tree. Students likely selected names and bought presents for each other.

"The Old Brick School at the Ville"

The old brick schoolhouse at Orfordville, after its life as a school, was used as the library when the new school was built in 1898. It burned in 1933 and was replaced with the present Orford Free Library. The present building also housed the Selectmen’s offices for many years.

Want to learn more about the "The Old Brick School at the Ville"? Check out these select newspaper articles from the late 1800's!

Posted August 23, 2021

Old brick schoolhouse at Orfordville, looking northwest from road.

Looking south, corner on new school just visible in the background.

Looking east from the foot of Dame Hill, old brick schoolhouse and waterbox (left), bandstand in the triangle heading up Dame Hill (right).

Fun Fact - Bandstands were built at both the Ville and the Street in 1897.

Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Kaiora, BSA Camp, and moving camp trunks

Posted August 16, 2021

Camp Kaiora (circa 1955)

Waterfront at BSA Camp on Indian Pond

(circa 1965)

Moving camp trunks (circa 1970)

Want to learn more about moving camp baggage from the Fairlee railroad station? Check out these photos and news clippings!

Summer Camp Photo Series: Sunset Ranch Camp

Posted August 9, 2021

Sunset Ranch Camp Founders: Pat & Bud Durham



Horseback Riding




Saturday Night Social

Camp Reunion in NYC

Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Merriwood

Posted August 2, 2021

Moving of a "Dog House" (circa 1948)

Why were dog houses moved to Camp Merriwood to be cabins?

Find out here!

How do those Dog Houses look now?

This is one of the dog houses (albeit with a few additions) from 2018!

Cabins in Winer (2020)

Campers (circa 1949)

Heritage Collage

Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Lauroweld

(all photos circa 1949)

Posted July 26, 2021


Horseback Riding

Stories by the Fire



Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Norchunkaw

(all photos circa 1925-1926)

Posted July 19, 2021

Camp Co-Director,

Mrs. Patricia Ryan

Camp Location

Katherine Battin,

Swimming Counselor


Art Studio & Music Studio

Expenses & Terms

Season of 1926

Dining & Recreation Hall

A Day's Activities

Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Pemigewassett (Camp "Pemi")

Check-out how much camp cost in 1920: Camp Pemi Season of 1920 Brochure Expenses

Posted June 21, 2021

"The Saturday Evening Post" Cover

with Newsome Pemi

Camp Pemi Founders (circa 1910)

Sleeping Tents

Mess Hall

Lodge, Tennis Courts, and Senior Cabins

"Bird's Eye View" (circa 1910)

Campers at Beach (circa 1920)

Camp in Winter (circa 1960)

Summer Camp Photo Series: Camp Moosilauke

Also be sure to read this 1905 article in the Littleton Courier titled "Life in Summer Camp"

Posted June 10, 2021

Campers (circa 1911)

Brochure from 1920

Cabin interior


Mess Hall (circa 1920)

Sailing Canoe (circa 1920)

Canoe Beach

"Junior Boxes"

Manure spreading in spring - Manure was originally put in a dumpcart, hauled to the field and dumped, then spread with a dung fork in the spring. The spreader was a revolutionary invention, as was the front-end loader for the tractor.

Posted May 19, 2021

Sheep and spring lambs at Morrison Farm

Posted May 11, 2021

Howard and Gerald Pease with twin calves (a rarity!) circa 1940

Posted April 23, 2021

Glenn Pease in the door of the new sugarhouse in 1929

Posted April 15, 2021

Francis Pease gathering sap on snowshoes

Horses in front of the camp with buckets and covers, ready to go tapping (circa 1970s)

Three women and two men outside the Marston Stock Farm sugarhouse (c. 1915)

Posted April 7, 2021

One girl, two men, and a team of horses in front of the Marston Stock Farm sugarhouse (c. 1915)

Check out this poem titled "When the Sap Begins to Run"

attributed to E.S. Blake from Meredith, NH.

Lewis and Priscilla at the Franklin Farm Sugarhouse c.1947

Posted March 31, 2021

Ruby standing in the Franklin Farm Sugarhouse door c.1947

Exterior view of the Franklin Farm Sugarhouse c.1947

Want to learn more about maple sugaring at the Franklin Farm?

Check out this1949 article in the Manchester Union Leader newspaper about their activities.

First snow at Morrison's

Posted March 10, 2021

Looking toward Mt. Cube from the road in front of Morrison's

Orfordville store in winter with three sleighs (c. 1910)

Hereford bull in snow at the Marston Farm Annex. This is on Lower street, what is now Peyton Place. Harry Morrison moved here for a few years in the late nineteen-teens. (Check out the Fairlee cliffs in the distance!)

Posted March 2, 2021

The boys at Morrison’s with two yoke of steers pulling a sled with wood.

Man, woman, dog with one-horse sleigh. Note long set of bells around horse's belly.

Posted February 23, 2021

Bobsled with two men on box/seat pulled by one horse, in front of shed at Morrison's.

Three yoke of oxen pulling a

double scoot with logs

Posted February 17, 2021

Two teams of horses pulling a long bob-sled with a load of poplar trees

This photo comes to us from Walter Carl Kenyon Jr. whose great-grandfather, Walter Carl Kenyon, is from Orford. This photo is of his great-grandfather standing out front of his store with two other gentlemen (unknown). His grandfather, Mumford Kenyon, was born right upstairs!

Posted February 10, 2021

Gas Station formerly on the corner of Route 10 and Bridge Street

Posted February 2, 2021

Orfordville circa 1909

Posted January 26, 2021

1936 Orford Flood

Taken from Bridge Street, looking north - behind the houses on the west side of north Main Street

Posted January 19, 2021

Christmas Trivia

In December we posted a series of photos with questions about them, and revealed the answers in January!

Posted December 15, 2020

Gale, Pete and Dave Thomson, taken in 1944 before they moved to Orford.

Christmas Tree in the old brick schoolhouse in Orfordville, on the site of the present library.

Mel, Pete and Dave Thomson, taken in 1944 before they moved to Orford.

Pease Family Holidays from 1951.

Mary Tullar and Alice Franklin with Camera, January 1906

The only photo of a camera in our collection (it's in the right hand of the woman to the right)! The two women pictured are Mary Tullar (Rendell's great-aunt) and Alice Franklin (who married George Baker and lived on the farm now owned by the Taylors on Indian Pond Road).

If the photo isn't great by itself, here are a few news clippings from the "United Opinion" out of Bradford, VT from January 19, 1906 to go alongside -

"Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Horton, Miss Tullar and Alice Franklin have cameras and have fine success taking and finishing pictures."

"The latest fad with some right now is the picture fad and if we don't all have our picture taken it won't be our fault."

A fad it was! If they could only see us today with our social media selfies!

Deer Hunting Series circa 1910 - 1920

This Orford Historical Society glass plate collection was mostly take by folks at the Marston Stock Farm, owned by Harry Morrison.

Posted November 24, 2020

Two Men with Deer

Note the chopping block visible on the left under the canvas!

Shooting from Horse,

circa 1908

Identified as Sam Morrison, Harry Morrison's son - may or may not be deer hunting!

Deer Camp with Doe

Eugene Cross with Deer

Eugene Cross worked for Harry Morrison.

Eugene Cross with Deer (2)

Deer Hunters & Charles Cushman

Eugene Cross pictured left, Charles Cushman pictured with dog at his feet right.

Clifford's Store circa 1965

(formerly Tillotson & Cushman)

Charlie Clifford is pictured standing on the front porch, who owned the store from 1947-1976. Now the location of Patterson's Grocery & Deli!

Posted November 17, 2020

Photo of the bridge over the Connecticut River circa 1913

Certainly looks different today!

Posted November 10, 2020